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Reflections on EuroCG 2017 - The Computational Geometry Event

Between the 5th and 7th April Apptus sponsored the European computational geometry conference (EuroCG). The conference travels from city to city in Europe. This year it was hosted by Malmö University for the first time. Mikael Hammar, head of the research team at Apptus Technologies, wrote an interesting blog piece about it.

Online Merchandising – time to break the rules

For online retailers with large product ranges, the inability to create relevant merchandising rules for each customer is costing time, money and sales.

Black Friday – everything that is wrong with retail

Black Friday represents all that is wrong with retail. Price slashing, queuing and aggression aside, it is a day that does more than most to cement the idea that cutting margin is the way to compete. It is a race to the bottom.


October 06, 2016

Automated Merchandising – Why you’d be mad not to!

Andrew Fowler, UK Country Manager at Apptus, examines the spectre of automated merchandising and tries to reassure us that there is nothing to worry about – no seriously, you’ll be fine!


September 19, 2016

Forget Personalisation, see the bigger picture.

If anyone in online retail still thinks personalisation is the answer, they are asking the wrong question. Sören Meelby, VP Marketing at Apptus, shares his view.


June 06, 2016

3 Website Features that Strangle eCommerce

Since the birth of eCommerce, three features of the typical retail website have prevailed. Incredibly, they still force merchandisers to compromise – often at the expense of sales and bottom line.

Why promoting best sellers is ‘wrong’

There is a perception in ecommerce that a focus on promoting best selling products is a sound strategy. That is perfectly logical, reasonable, and wrong.

Apptus customers hit the heights again.

The results from IDG’s twentieth Top 100 List of the best Swedish eCommerce sites across ten retail categories tell a familiar story.  Smart online retailers that are successful in delivering relevant and compelling experiences stand out from the crowd.


May 10, 2016

Relevance in the DIY Sector Means Big Business.

When Byggmax presented its interim report for the start of 2016, they were delighted to see an increase in net sales of 29.5% to nearly 738 million SEK, compared with the same period last year.

Peak trading – Bring it on!

Even when traffic volumes increase by 10-fold over the peak trading times of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Apptus eSales stands a solid as a rock.

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