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Toyota - Welcome to the Apptus family!

We at Apptus are happy to welcome Toyota Material Handling, part of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) to the family. Together with our partner Avensia we’ve implemented the search and relevance engine from Apptus.

Black Friday

With Black Friday almost upon us there’s been a lot of marketing material circulating from solution providers wishing to convince retailers that their product is what they need to make the most of this now ubiquitous, annual event.

What’s your problem?

E-commerce managers face many challenges, but perhaps the hardest challenge of all is knowing which are the most important. Often a manager might have a good idea as to what the burning issues are, but sometimes other considerations come into play which mean they get bumped down the list. Political expediency often being one such factor.

Selling online isn’t like physical retail!

A merchandiser’s work is never done. Just as it is for our colleagues in physical stores, the process of laying-out stores and populating them with products never ends. The work may be incessant, but does it need to be so arduous? Are there a better ways of working?

Press release – Apptus wins an innovation grant from Swedish Innovation Agency

The company is being given further funding by the Vinnova agency to develop its innovative software solution.

Page attrition – a universal constant?

There are many constants in life, some are familiar and expected, others are strange and surprising. I have long become accustomed to seeing email open rates of around 20%, but there is one metric that, if not surprising, always makes me think…

Apptus included in Econsultancy’s new Website Personalisation Buyer’s Guide

Apptus is delighted to support Econsultancy’s Website Personalisation Buyer’s Guide. Econsultancy’s buyer’s guide is primarily aimed at organisations looking for a website personalisation provider, or are reviewing the capabilities of their current provider. Vendors are selected for the report based on a combination of factors such as: expertise, clients, product & service analysis, business...

How Intersport doubled conversion with Apptus

[fusion_text]Intersport are a leading international retailer of sporting goods and apparel. When they looked to redesign their site, their focus was threefold: to become a truly multi-channel proposition, to improve sales and conversion, and to deliver a world-class customer experience.

How the DIY sector is leveraging personalisation in ecommerce

In the fast moving DIY and construction space, companies aren’t standing still. Both consumer and trade customers are ever more demanding, requiring more comprehensive ranges, greater flexibility in how they purchase and collect products, and greater and easier access to both advice and inspiration.

What the heck is online merchandising?

Retail shelf space is a valuable resource. Which is why retailers measure sales per square foot. Screen real-estate is also a resource, and arguably even more valuable (as there’s significantly less of it).

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